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The Scampington & Chipside Garden Railway


19th April 2004: The MoW Department carefully traverses the soon-to-be-opened Six Sisters Viaduct

Hello! Welcome to the web site of the Scampington & Chipside Garden Railway, a small outpost of 45mm 'G' Scale tucked away in the South-Eastern corner of the county of Hampshire, on the South Coast of England. Whether you landed by design or accident, perhaps I will never know. But at least you're here! Indeed, now that you are here, why not stick around a while? Whether you're an old hand at this garden railway thing, or just starting out, or maybe just thinking about taking the plunge, there should be at least something of interest within these pages for you.

Announcement - as of 11th June 2011, I have completed the transfer of my various photo collections from Fotopic to PhotoBucket; in doing so, I have also included some collections not previously published due to space constraints in the old site. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you enjoy the new 'slideshow' way of showing the many photo collections.

A few notes on settings, operating systems, browsers and the like: First off, I've tested this site on a number of browsers; principally IE7 and Firefox, but also Opera, Safari and latterly Google Chrome. I will admit I probably don't have the most recent versions in those latter two cases. Thanks to Mr Carl Hibbs, and his kind assistance in testing the prototype site, we know it works with the 'AOL' browser. Where Operating Systems are concerned, sadly I can only speak of Windows 7, Windows XP (SP2 and 3) and Linux. If you use something else besides that and have any kind of difficulty (always assuming you can at least read this of course!) then please let me know. These pages have been designed on a 17-inch monitor with a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. They do sort of work with 800 x 600, but some of the picture expansions will require the use of scrolling bars. A decent compromise would probably be 1024 x 768.

The S&CGR has enjoyed a modest web presence for a number of years, since the first faltering steps along the path of its development. Fortunately (and certainly not by virtue of any sound planning on my part) progress has been captured via a number of photos and video clips, and these are made available here for your enjoyment/bewilderment/outright astonishment! Indeed, so many pictures are there, I have had to resort to third-party repositories such as Photobucket for my still images and figure-making slideshows, and You-Tube and for my video collection. Not ideal, but at least I get to share as many of my photos/videos as I can without having to remember the combination of my wallet!

Site Last Updated: 18-Aug-2011
Recent Change History
18/08/2011 Added map pin for Aberystwyth Cliff Railway in "Railway Visits"
Added 'Foreman John' at "Special Features" -> "Who's Who"
26/05/2011 Added new figures at "Special Features" -> "Who's Who"
Amended 'Video of the Month'
11/06/2010 Added map pins for various past visits in "Railway Visits":
Brecon Mountain Railway, Vale of Rheidol, Welshpool and Llanfair,
Quainton Road, Didcot Railway, Mid Hants Railway,
Sittingbourne and Kemsley, Romney Hythe and Dymchurch,
Amberley Industrial Museum, Swanage Railway
29/05/2011 Minor corrections to Photo links
28/05/2011 Ported Photo Collection Links to PhotoBucket
17/03/2011 Added Fotopic Announcement
30/01/2011 Added map pin for GSS Railway visit to Nailsea in "Railway Visits"
29/01/2011 General housekeeping of dead links etc
05/12/2009 Renamed "Open Day Visits" to "Railway Visits"
Added map pins for Real Railway visits to "Railway Visits"

Assuming all is well with your system configuration, you should see a menu to the left hand side of the screen. This will be present whichever of my internal pages you visit, thus to aid navigation around the site. Using the menu is simplicity itself: Just move your mouse cursor over it, and all will become clear. Please feel free to take a look round. I would love to read your comments, whether about the site, or the line it describes, or anything really.

As the weeks and months (or dare I say it, years?) go by, I hope to add more content to the site. Please bear with me though, while more mundane tasks, such as earning a living, vie for my time with the far more interesting railway/website-related activities.


In no particular order, these are some very pleasant people who between them have managed to encourage/inspire/threaten me to continue my efforts in the garden when conventional wisdom would have seen me give the whole thing up and be led away, sobbing and gibbering, to end my days in a monastery:

  • My fellow inmates at the Continental Garden Trains forum, ably administered by my very good friend Mr Carl Hibbs.
  • The G Scale Society. Through its membership I have been introduced to some remarkable people, every last one of whom would "talk the hind leg off a donkey" when it comes to explaining their own lines.
  • Mr Peter Hayward, proprietor of the Haggerleases Light Railway. He very kindly allowed me to pick over his website, and thereby gain an insight into the mysteries of Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript and similar spells and incantations - the beneficial results of which you see before you on this new site. For a 16mmNG'er, he's not a bad sort!
  • - home of some very wizzy bits of code for all occasions. Some of them have been used here. I only wish I knew how they worked...
  • The Engine Shed/Gaugemaster at Ford, West Sussex. It was very kind of them to sell me the LGB starter set in the first instance; for some considerable time thereafter they continued to ensure my bank manager and a bottle of Valium were never very far apart. Unfortunately they thwarted my plan to cut out the middle man, declining as they did my request to have my salary paid directly to them.
  • The production team that between them delivered the wonderful TV series 'The Garden Railway'. This is now available on DVD. By the way I have no commercial connection with any of this, I merely include the link for completeness.

Finally, I would like to present you with an opportunity to ask a question, make a comment or suggestion, or perhaps report any problems accessing any part of the site. Also, I'd be interested to hear of your own efforts and experiences with your own line if you have one.

Clicking the link above should automatically launch your e-mail client. If it doesn't, then just open it yourself and copy the address into the 'To' field. I would appreciate it, if you do so using this manual method, that you include the words "Scampington and Chipside Garden Railway" in the title, thus to aid in spam-filtering. By the way, as if it needed saying: your details will not be shared with anyone. I hate spam as much as you do - probably more so.

Thanks for your time, and please come back soon - why not press (Ctrl+D) now, and bookmark the page!


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